Fake-A-Message ™ (MMS & SMS!) App Reviews

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Too bad!!!

Absolutely not looking real, dont buy this untill there is no update done like in fake a call.

You cant send to anyone but yourself

Maybe its my fault for not CAREFULLY reading what this app does. When it says you can play jokes on your friends, it doesnt mean it will allow you to send them a Prank text. You can only send the prank texts to yourself. If an update allows you to send these to anyone on your contact list, then it will Get 5 stars.

Same thing

For anyone with the free version you would know theyre exactly the same!

Cool Idea Buut..

I like the idea of the app, and it is set up fairly well, but once you get the message and reply etc, the window that pops up isnt very realistic, and it glitches out a lot. Like a lot, a lot. I think that needs to be fixed and it needs to be exactly like the real messages on the phone to be believable.



Fix please!!!

Messages comes one to another in dialogue!!! I rate it 5 stars in the hope that you have to fix it!!! Very good application))

replts r 2 fast

the reply texts r coming to fast... they show up before the text i right sends can u fix this

Problem with update...

Recently I updated the app so it supports iOS4 multitasking and have discovered a few bugs...1st one is when you use your own responses they come in as soon as you write a response to them...2nd one is the time between the first message. When you specify a time it goes an hour ahead of what you set....sooo if you could get this fixed it would be great! Thanks

New problem with update

Since I updated, I have been unable to edit the scripted response. I cant add new scripts or edit older scripts, but I can delete my old scripts. Im using 3.3 firmware. Im simply unable to select anything in the custom script area aside from changing the persons name.


I wasted my money three times trying to get this stupid app to work and it STILL DIDNT WORK!!! Excelltech, pay me back!!!!!!!

Needs tweaking

Not that convincing. The text at the top is off, sending is always the same speed.

its ok

works alright

Needs some work on the multitasking part

Its pretty good except the main thing is that when multitasking and on another program or home screen, it comes up at a text from F-A-T instead of the person you set. Fix that and Ill give it 5 stars

Its ok

The app works like it states. Bug the password doesnt work? Ive reported it yo the programmers but mo response!

Its alright

It works

I like it...

but it could use a little more fine tuning It doesnt quite look exactly like the normal SMS screen. You can tell its fake. Overall its kinda fun to mess around with tho. lol

Loooooove it but one thing

I got an iPad and I really wanted to do pranks on my friends with my iPad And can u make fake a call and fake a text for ipad? If yes that would be great

Great pranker!

Im surprised more people dont know about this little gem. It works great. Setting up a fake message is a breeze. Unfortunately, the edit and message buttons at the top of the fake messenger dont actually function like the real SMS, so youll need to close out the app and reopen it to create a new message once your old one is done. But the time delay makes the fake incoming message look legit. Overall, it looks pretty authentic. Great for punking your buds! 5 stars

The best app ever

Worth it

Not worth it.

Do not waste your time or money. There needs to be a lot of improvement done in the background, clock, and just the text in general.

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